Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I know...

I'm terrible - I don't call, I don't write and I DON'T VISIT!! Everything's cool, I'm just really, really busy, so in order to post something - anything - I'm just going to give you... this!

It's very funny.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Musical Monday

Well, I guess I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks... I hadn’t intended to disappear but there’s just been too much going on to be able to spend time posting or reading (yes, that’s yet another apology). Not just with Bea being here, but with work too as I have two big projects on the go and not enough hours in the day. But it's good to be busy, and hopefully my year will be secure by the end of July and I can relax a little bit. And maybe take us all to Tenerife for a couple of weeks!

Work, though, has been pretty secondary in the scheme of things, as my beautiful Cuban has been... well, making her presence felt. Aside from her (what can only be described as) incredible physical demands, she’s coming up with a series of culinary delights in the kitchen as well as job hunting and taking a few lessons to acclimatise to driving on the wrong (right) side of the road. This is good, as last time she was here she managed to destroy a couple of the alloys on my baby, which I was not very pleased about. Not very pleased at all!

But - being serious - we seem to be getting along perfectly, albeit that there's a certain amount of adjustment required by both of us. For some reason, though, the age gap and cultural differences just don't seem to matter... they are there, but they're irrelevant. In fact, Bea seems to revel in the fact that I'm so much older than she is, and I'm sure finds something very sexy about it. And who am I to argue? And the good news is that we’ve only just (after about three weeks) had our first sort of very small mini-row, as a result of the fact that I just can’t understand her Spanish. Anyway, it’s not proper Spanish and I’ve got a terrible cold, so it obviously isn’t my fault at all. Fortunately all seemed to be resolved shortly afterwards, in the wake of Bea's three swift, powerful orgasms and a strong cup of Spanish coffee (its good to know that everything still functions nicely, even after yet another birthday!). If only everything in life were so simple, eh?
Yes, Musical Monday, the craze that's still trying desperately to sweep the blogosphere. And this week I’m going for something from a band I first heard in the late eighties when I inadvertently stumbled across a banned video from their album “Infected”. I immediately loved every track, and whilst I don’t know anyone else at all who listens to them I always take pleasure in supporting my friends’ musical education by popping the CD on the hi-fi and daring them not to like it. In fact, I had a real problem picking the track I wanted to feature, and even as I was hitting the publish button I could have changed my mind.

So, here are The The with Sweet Bird of Truth (and, believe me, it was a close call). Its one of those tracks that needs to be played loud, and right to the end. Tell me what you think...

If you want join in with Musical Monday, just stick this in your sidebar or on your post, but change ALL the brackets to the pointy ones first:
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