Monday, April 03, 2006

Musical Monday

Wasn't there a film where somebody said "I have so much to tell you..."?

Well, I do, actually, although there's another film quote that might be more appropriate... I think it was "Just when you though it was safe to get back in the water"! Because this weekend I learnt that I am, without doubt, a Psycho Magnet. And I have a suspicion that this time it's going to be one of the few occasions where I actually look out for myself and just walk away. I'll endeavour to explain what I mean in my next post, but suffice it to say that my last words to CFG on Sunday morning were these:
Sometimes, long, meaningful looks just aren't enough. You actually have to communicate without assuming I'm telepathic.
Anyway, enough of that for now, because you know what day it is.

I'm continuing my Bristol theme today, with a classic track from Massive Attack - Teardrop. I'm not sure how big they are in the States, but if you can catch a listen, I'd do so. For now, enjoy this one... oh, and you can do me a big favour if you like, and put the MM button in your sidebar - just click on the image and it'll take you to the original post where you'll find the HTML script.

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