Saturday, April 08, 2006

Children, children everywhere

Well, A went back the the States yesterday. I dropped him off at the airport and we hugged as we said our goodbyes. And the funny thing is, whilst both of us had had just a little bit of apprehension regarding how we'd get on after not seeing each other for quite a while, we had a really good time. And although he's a typical adolescent in some ways, he's also quiet, considerate and thoughtful.

We hung out together sometimes, but he also did his own thing, going off into Soho, Covent Garden, Camden Town and various other places a little less off the tourist path but more indicative of the real London. He hooked up with a variety of girls over here, but really it was the one girl, his girl in New York, who was on his mind. She had no idea he was going back to her, and I imagine they had something of a reunion last night. In fact, as I write this post, they're probably still reunioning!!

I was sitting down last night, half watching the TV and thinking that the house was rather quiet, when the phone rang. It was E (yes, I did originally put "O" - I got confused, okay??), my daughter in NYC, and she had some news for me. Nothing particularly important - just the fact that she'll be arriving at Heathrow, with a friend, at 9.30 this morning! She's coming over for a holiday, and they'll both be staying with me for ten days. Can you believe that?

So today I'm going to be a bit tied up, although I will get around my blogroll later this evening, I promise. Actually, I'm still getting over the shock of posting my face for HNT - thanks for all the nice comments, but I just can't quite get used to the fact that I did it. I must be completely mad, mustn't I?

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