Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Girl stuff

Well, the girls are well and truly here. It’s really turning out to be quite an experience, and one that I’m really enjoying... they’re just typical NY teenagers, and it’s as if the house has been completely taken over. I went to have a shower a while ago, and I could barely open the cubicle door for all the shampoos, conditioners, body creams, moisturisers and other girly things that are nicely lined up all around the edge of the tray. All I hear throughout the day is singing and laughing, and we all seem to be getting on so well that it feels like I’ve got friends staying over.

And E is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, there’s no strangeness at all, and it’s as if we hadn’t been separated by over 3,000 miles for all these years. It’s much, much better than I could ever have hoped, and the only damper has been the fact that she didn’t listen to me when the two of them went out last night. I distinctly remember saying “Now E, watch your bag and don’t carry too much cash with you...” but of course she wasn’t really listening. Anyway, they went into central London and somewhere/sometime she had her purse lifted from her bag, and ALL her money – about £500 – went with it. And all her ID and other stuff that she needs as soon as she gets back, including her permanent residency papers. Oh well, girls will be girls...

The situation with CFG is finally resolved. She didn’t quite seem to understand that I was just not happy with what happened, and eventually I wrote her an email. I won’t print it all, but the important bit was this...
...This email could be a very long one, and it would explain a lot of things... how I feel about you, what I thought about the other weekend, etc etc. But, in reality, I'm not sure that it's a particularly good idea for me to do that. There's a phrase in England that we use sometimes - we say "red flags", and I guess red flags are just... well, warning signs. The easiest way for me to put this is that I just see too many red flags. I've had, in some ways, a difficult couple of years, and my life now is centered around simplicity and clarity. Particularly now, when there are things that I really need to focus on, it's important to me that I don't lose sight of that, and I'm therefore going to say to you (very reluctantly) that we shouldn't see each other again...
Well, she called a few times, and was insisting that we get together to talk things through. Then, just as I was beginning to soften, I received a text… not a very long one, but long enough to get her point across.
Your English red flags are bullshit. I’ve changed my mind.
Thereby ends yet another dating story. I’m sure, though, that there’ll be more to follow, so stay tuned.

Update: The girls have just demanded dinner. They got up at 4pm and this will be the third time they've eaten... it's now 7.52pm!!! This can't be normal, can it?

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