Monday, May 29, 2006

Musical Monday

I guess that was the weekend, then. God, they go quickly... although I managed to get through it without any kind of Talk becoming an issue. Actually, that's not strictly true... after watching The DaVinci Code at the cinema on Saturday night we spent the next few hours doing what PTFE does best. Then a few hours sleep before waking up on Sunday morning and resuming where we left off. At some point, I ran for a few miles and then came back, showered and - you've guessed it - went back to bed. After which, finally exhausted, I lay back on the pillow and tried to summon up enough energy to breathe.

PTFE - "Have you got something to say to me?"

Me - "I don't know,. Have I?"

PTFE - "Yes, I think you have."

Me - "Well... I'm not sure that I should"

PTFE - "Don't be silly. Say what you want to say."

Me - "(Sighing...) Okay. I'll have a strong coffee and two slices of jam toast. Thanks darling."

To be honest, I had no idea what she was going on about, or if I did I'd rather not even acknowledge that the thought process took place. All I know is that she sent me a text this afternoon saying "Thank you. All fifteen times." I'll admit that it made me smile, but then it would. Wouldn't it?

Musical Monday

Another band from the south west of England, faithless are incredibly hard to pin down, with a wide range of musical styles but falling, perhaps, within the trip-hop genre like their friends and neighbours Massive Attack and Portishead. Their “open door” policy has encouraged many to contribute to their recording success, but the band has only three core members, each interesting in their own right.

Maxi Jazz – the live frontman, a rapping Buddhist with an astonishingly eloquent, poetic style all his own. His deeply held philosophical convictions lend Faithless an intellectual profundity rarely found in the dance arena.
Sister Bliss – the band’s musical engine, a classically trained pianist also renowned as the world’s leading female DJ.
Rollo Armstrong – the band’s instigator and producer, and the co-producer for his younger sister Dido as well mixing tracks for such stellar artists as U2 and Bjork. Head of the Cheeky record label, he can neither play nor dance and so chooses not to join the band when they play live.

I could have chosen any number of track and styles for today’s MM post, but this one, the title track from the album Reverence, is a favourite. Hopefully you’ll like it too.

Want to play? Just stick this in your sidebar, but change ALL the brackets to the pointy ones first:
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