Saturday, May 13, 2006

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Well, I have to tell you that the second half of the week has been rather good. Not that the first half wasn’t good either, but it was good in a kind of unnoticed way. Zooz emailed me yesterday with a mild admonishment that she’d been reading my blog and still didn’t have a clue what I’d been up to so here it is, then...

Wednesday - The first day of sunbathing – just an hour in the garden, but the feeling of warmth on bare skin was fantastic. And in the evening, I met Keda for a drink and some dinner in Soho. Now, Keda really is lovely - beautiful in the most natural way, with long soft curls falling over her shoulders and a smile to make you go weak at the knees - but she also smells absolutely gorgeous (patchouli and something or other) and I went to bed that night with her scent still wafting over me. Although it was all in the mind, I should add, because Keda was no doubt safely tucked up in her hotel. The only downer of the evening was that we got to my favourite restaurant to find it had closed down... I was gutted! (NML, it’s the one we went to – the Vietnamese.)

Thursday - Not too much happened, other than a good day’s work, some more sunbathing, and a drink in the evening with a woman who had rather splendid breasts. They were very pert, not huge but not tiny either, and at one point (I’m not sure how, actually) they seemed to be right under my nose. They didn’t smell of patchouli either, but that’s fine because even if they did they wouldn’t have been Keda’s! Anyway, I suppose it was a kind of date, but I decided afterwards that I wasn’t going to get involved in any complications. See, and old dog can learn new tricks. Even this one.

Friday was notable for two reasons. The first was still more sunbathing in the garden – the joys of working from home know no bounds, it seems, and the ability to turn the phone off and do fuck all for an hour or two is definitely one of them. I also finished a particular piece of work in time for a meeting on Monday, and was pretty pleased with the result. It’s a large project, and this was just the first part of it, but I decided to celebrate with a white chocolate Magnum before going off to see S play football late in the afternoon and then just vegging out in front of the TV in the evening.

So there you have it – lovely, wasn’t it? And tonight I think I’m going to have the pleasure of PTFE, who seems to have invited herself to stay over (not sure how that happened!) although we’re going into the West End for some dinner prior to any carnal gymnastics. Not a bad week, all in all, and aside from having to do some work on Sunday the weekend should be a good one too. Maybe next week there’ll be some angst and drama to report, but for now I can only apologise. Have a great weekend, all of you, and if you can get up to any mischief make sure you don’t let the opportunity escape you.

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