Thursday, June 15, 2006

HNT 35

A couple of summers ago I took the sproglets on holiday as a single Dad for the first time. Two weeks in Tenerife, and the start of our friendship with the Scottish Sisters who – 12 months later – would be shaving my head in a drunken stupor.

Anyway, one day we walked to the local shopping centre to look at some Oakley sunglasses, and found the shop that had been recommended to us. The girl working there was a tiny, dark-skinned French girl, with liquid brown eyes and tumbling curls. I had no desire to buy anything else, but she picked up a pair of Diesel shorts and said “These would look nice. Try them on.” As if in a dream, I said “Okay” and wandered off to the changing room.

She called me out, and walked slowly towards me. Then, pulling the waistband of the shorts with one hand, and letting her fingers lightly rest on my pubic hair, she looked me in the eye and said “They’re lovely. Buy them.” All the while, O was looking on in astonishment, but I was on another planet. “Okay”, I said again, thinking that I would walk over hot coals if this delicious woman told me to.

“The blue ones are nice, but so are the red. Why not buy both colours”, she said, pulling my waistband a little harder. “Yes, both colours would be good”, I whispered. And that’s how – having gone out to buy sunglasses, I spent £200 on shorts I didn’t want. Although I really do like them both.

I just can’t figure which colour appeals to me the most. What do you think – red or blue?

(Oh, and I looked for her the following year, but she had been transferred temporarily to another branch. I was devastated, but no doubt substantially richer than I would otherwise have been.)

Happy HNT x


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