Monday, April 09, 2007

Musical Monday

My ex is in Las Vegas for her 40th at the moment, which means I have the kids for a week – until Thursday morning. It’s been lovely, because they’re off school and so don’t need to stick to their usual routine. Late nights and late mornings, and as I don’t sleep more than a few hours a night anyway it’s been kind of relaxing as the mornings are nice and chilled. Today we went to the movies AND I stayed awake throughout the film. RESULT!!!

The Date is getting closer, of course, and it’s becoming slightly all-consuming. I’m trying not to get nervous, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s working… but then I guess that’s understandable. And I’m so busy at the moment that the last week and a half of my present lifestyle is going to just slip past unnoticed. Maybe that’s the best way, though… no time to worry about anything, save for clearing out some drawers and wardrobe space (and that’s no easy task).

Well, it’s another late one this week but I’ve managed to squeeze it in whilst it’s still Monday. Better than last week, then… my penultimate Musical Monday as a “single” man. And I realised today that I’ve been quite remiss in that I’ve never featured a track from The Smiths. They’re a band that people seem to either “get” or… well, not get (and if they’re new to you they’re worth a bit of perseverance.)

I’m putting matters right this week, with one of my favourite tracks – That Joke Isn’t Funny Any More. My advice? Play it loud, and listen to the end. Then play it again, and wallow in it a little. After that, go check out Amazon.

By the way, it was touch and go whether my track was going to be Bigmouth Strikes Again instead. Maybe next time…

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