Sunday, April 30, 2006

Musical Monday

Well, it’s a grey, wet Bank Holiday Monday here in London. Just for a few days, I thought spring had finally sprung, but I guess I should have known better. But – weather-related depression aside – I actually could write about all sorts of things today… “The Date”, “My Pubes”, “Spurs’ Push For The Champions League”… I suspect that you can tell that the world of WDKY is an interesting one. But no… today is Monday, and that can only mean one thing!

My music collection is bigger than some, not as big as others (I said my music collection) – I think at the last count I had about 240 CD’s. A large proportion of it is female vocal of one type or another, but of all the women I listen to, one stands out like a Goddess amongst mortals. She’s a genius in her own right, as well as having had the honour of duetting with the likes of Tricky and Nick Cave, amongst others. I’m talking about the one… the only… P J Harvey.

Raised on a sheep farm in Yeovil, she was something of a child prodigy, and very quickly established herself as one of the most individual and influential songwriters of the '90s, exploring themes of sex, love, and religion with unnerving honesty, dark humor, and a twisted theatricality. And whilst her early albums received critical acclaim, her 1995 masterpiece “To Bring You My Love” became her mainstream critical breakthrough, confirming her status as one of the cornerstone figures of '90s alternative rock. It’s probably my favourite, although it really is a hard choice. And whilst today’s track, Send His Love To Me, is a brilliant example of her vocal power and songwriting skill, there are so many I could have chosen that I’m sure she’ll feature once or twice again.

Anyway, if you don’t know her, turn up the volume and enjoy. And if you do… turn up the volume and enjoy. Simple, really.

Okay, I couldn't help myself... wanna hear my baby really sing? Have some Long Snake Moan, and play it LOUD!

Want to play? Just stick this in your sidebar, but CHANGE ALL THE BRACKETS TO THE POINTY ONES FIRST:

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