Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The date

Hehehe... made you wait, didn’t I?

So... the date. Well, it was relatively straightforward when I think about some past dates of recent times, but we started off with a drink in a rather strange pub in Essex (trust me, you have to understand the significance of “Essex”) and then we went on for a Chinese meal somewhere nearby. It was a nice meal, and we had quite a laugh, talking pretty much non-stop.

After dinner, we went for a bit of a walk, and then sat in the car, talking some more. Oh, and kissing. And then the conversation took an unexpected turn... it went something like this:
“I want to give you a blow job.” (That was her, by the way.)


“I want to give you a blow job.” (At this point she started wrestling with my belt buckle.)

“Well, you can’t. It’s our first date.”

“I give amazing blow jobs – you must be mad. Anyway, you’re getting one on your Birthday.”

“Oh. Okay.”
Then a bit more kissing took place. Followed by me dropping her off and then getting completely lost on the way home (I’ve hinted about my embarrassing sense of direction before). I asked no less than three cab drivers where the fuck I should be going, and ended up getting home at gone 3am. And, needless to say, she (who I shall now call PTFE, which stands for personal trainer from Essex) is coming round for a "bite" on my Birthday.

Speaking of which, and mainly because I have Zooz and my sister coming round for a pre-Birthday dinner tomorrow, I’ve just taken my Birthday HNT photo. And I’ve managed to get my pubes in there again! Or my lack of pubes, to be more accurate. I’d hate to disappoint NML, after all.

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