Saturday, May 20, 2006

Four times just isn't enough

Well, it isn't... four posts a week, I mean. So now it's Saturday morning, somehow, and the furore of the weekend has begun. And, like with most things, there's some good, and there's some bad...

The bad relates in the main to my sister. When we were young, we had an incredible closeness, but I think I may have mentioned previously that I had a period of major drama with my family that centred around the mafia, a substantial amount of money (mine, or at least it was until it happened) and the consequences of people ending up way, way out of their depth. The fall-out from all of this lasted many years, but over the last few months my sister and I have patched things up, slowly but surely, to the point where that closeness that we once shared was beginning to form again.

Now, for reasons that I can't really go into on here, she's gone. A long way away, and for a very long time. I'm really upset, and Mum is completely devestated. And the stupid thing is, she's gone because yet again she seems incapable of making life choices that aren't absolutely fucking ridiculous. In fact, of the three siblings in my family, only one of us appears to have achieved any kind of maturity whatsoever. Sometimes I wonder how a family can be so dysfunctional that I of all people seem like the most "normal" one. It does make you think...

Anyway, back to the weekend, and the good... I have a day with the children (they generally go off at about 5pm on a Saturday, and come back the same time on Sunday. Well, that's aside from football complications) and then PTFE is coming round for dinner. Well, apparently the agenda goes something like this:
  1. Sex
  2. Dinner
  3. Sex
  4. Movie
  5. Sex
  6. Sleep
  7. Sex
Sounds okay, doesn't it? Especially as PTFE has an amazing ability in some areas that makes it feel like I'm going out with a porn star. Mmmmm.... or fucking a porn star, to be more precise.

Oh, and just a quickie about my HNT picture from this week. One of the commenters suggested that amidst all the melting chest hair (there's not really that much, honestly) there lurked a rather unhappy face. I checked, and you know what? She was right. See for yourself.

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