Monday, April 17, 2006

Musical Monday

Well, I hope everyone has had a lovely, chocolatey Easter. It's not the best day for me today, because by the time most people are having breakfast over here my daughter will be over the Atlantic, and on her way back to Long Island... but what a beautiful girl. And how amazing that our relationship has turned out as it has - spending time with her was really too good to be true, and she's already planning her next trip over.

I may write something tomorrow on the subject, but right now I'm going to introduce the latest in the craze that's sweeping all before it in the Blogosphere. Yes, it's time for another musical extravaganza.

And, to suit my mood, I'm going back to Bristol this week, and to the pioneers of the trip-hop movement. Portishead were the most unconventional "band" of the 90s - a shyness of gigs, long distance recording techniques and intense emotion all played a part in creating some of the most beautiful and ethereal music of that time. Their first album was called Dummy, and for a while not long ago I was playing the video to a track called Glory Box here on my blog. I would have chosen that one for today, but to avoid repeating myself I've gone instead for the rather beautiful Roads. I hope you like it.

But this is no ordinary Musical Monday, because this week I've had a special request from Fame, my friend who today will be undergoing some surgery and all being well will be recovering at home by this evening. Anyway, Fame asked me if I could post her all-time favourite track for her today, and under the circumstances it really is a pleasure. So on her behalf here's The Moody Blues and Knights in White Satin... get well soon, darling x

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