Monday, June 18, 2007

Lazy & Useless MM

Actually, I have to say that – whilst I might be useless – I’m definitely not lazy! Last week I was in Brussels for a series of meetings and presentations; this afternoon I fly to Milan for a few days (and with a bit of luck I should get to see something of the city as a couple of my meetings might have to be canceled!); and next week I’m off to Zurich for a three-day conference. In fact, I’ve not paid the exorbitant charge for the conference sessions themselves so I’ll be spending my time talking (I’m good at that), eating (I’m very good at that) and drinking (need I comment?).

A month ago, I’d have said that the workload that I’d given myself was impossible, but having worked my clean-shaven balls off (don't ask - it's Bea's decision... she likes them smooth) for the last three weekends on top of the 15 hour working weekdays of the last few weeks, all seems to be falling into place. Now, if I can get some projects booked for the end of the year and the beginning of next, I can probably say that this ridiculous idea of starting my own company has been something of a success. It just goes to show that having the courage of your convictions is no bad thing!

There’s more to life than working, though, and I have to say that – when Bea came over to live here a month and a half ago – neither of us could possibly have predicted how well things were going to go. She’s now working in one of the world’s top hotels that’s just a few miles away from the house, driving quite happily on the "wrong" side of the road, keeping my bed - and one or two other things - warm at night and looking forward to going on holiday to Tenerife for a couple of weeks soon. She’ll be able to see her family and friends again, and as she said to someone on the telephone last night, “I’m trying to think of something that isn’t perfect, but to be honest there isn’t anything”.

Musical Monday

I’m still determined to share my music with anyone who cares to listen, although I accept, of course, that the number of such people is slowly dwindling away as a consequence of my lack of time to visit, comment, and generally participate in the strange world that we call the Blogosphere.

This week, I was listening to something on the hi-fi at home as I was pottering around with the vacuum cleaner, and it happened to be Elvis Costello singing his greatest hits. And the choice of track was easy, because… well, it’s been a good year for the roses!

Happy Musical Monday!

If you want join in with Musical Monday, just stick this in your sidebar or on your post, but change ALL the brackets to the pointy ones first:

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