Thursday, May 25, 2006

HNT 32 - and 40,000 hits!

Thursday again... crikey. So, that means HNT then. And in celebration of 40,000 hits on this blog (god knows why, but thanks!) I give you... me. In bed, which is the best place for me, apparently ;-)

Come on... climb in. I have something for you.

And yes, my hair's actually greyer than it looks here, and in one or two other HNT photos. It's certainly grey above my ears and a bit at the front, but more "speckled" at the back. And no, Kimmy, I haven't coloured it... cheeky girl! Oh, and I have a few grey pubes too. Couldn't post for HNT without mentioning pubes as they seem to be a constant theme on here these days...

Happy HNT x


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