Monday, June 05, 2006

Musical Monday

These days, I seem to be starting each Musical Monday post with phrases like "that was a bit of a weekend...". Well, I have to say that on this occasion it was. I have a feeling things are polarising slightly now, which is no bad thing. And I suspect I'll post more on the ridiculous life of mine tomorrow. Or maybe it's not so ridiculous after all... it just seems to be pulling my every which way at the moment.

I have a feeling it's time to slow things down a bit, and to assist in achieving that objective I thought I'd post something rather beautiful today. This is from a man who I only discovered about a year ago, and who died far, far too young. A talented songwriter and musician, he's remembered in the main for the majesty of his voice, such that one critic was moved to proclaim that it was "the voice of an angel". His one completed studio album is quite breathtaking, and I've chosen this particular track for two reasons, even though it happens to be a cover. Firstly, because it's an excuse to pay homage to the great Leonard Cohen; and secondly because the vocals are nothing short of exquisite.

So, here it is then... Jeff Buckley, and Hallelujah.

Want to play? Just stick this in your sidebar, but change ALL the brackets to the pointy ones first:

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