Saturday, December 10, 2011


So... five years today. I can hardly believe it as I write those words but there it is.

I just read our mails again, and the letter you hastily wrote by hand as the parcel guys waited impatiently for you to finish (and yes, Ganesh still sits on my shelf, keeping an eye on the path ahead). And I must be honest - yet again, I shed some tears for you. Well, in a way they were for me because I know that wherever you are you'll be filling all around you with joy.

Just like you filled me with joy, Anu, for which I thank you.

Edit: It occurred to me after I posted this that all those wonderful comments that were left after Anu's passing have gone forever. Luckily, they were included in the letter that I subsequently posted to her parents, and I've reproduced them as comments to/on this post as I believe them to be a more fitting memorial than my words alone: