Thursday, August 31, 2006

HNT 44

Well, the decorating continues apace, although I have to admit that my body is now crying out for rest! God, wasn't that pink wallpaper and border awful (yoursecret was right - how I ever maintained an erection in that room is beyond me, although in fact I maintained many). Anyway, next week it will be painted, a fairly soft beige colour in a silk finish - "Earthsone", if you're interested. And I'm painting the woodwork in a cream satinwood, instead of the UK's more usual white gloss. Then putting up some paintings and - voila!

All in all, I admit it... time was short what with decorating (and getting plaster dust out my pants hair) , working and looking after the kids; and - in any event - I was kind of impressed when I saw what Picturetrail could do on one or two other HNT participant's blogs last week. So I decided to give you a treat today - yes, six for the price of one! Put your complaints in writing if you have any, and Customer Services will get back to you shortly.

Or not.

Happy HNT! Oh, and it's a big day tomorrow so make sure you stop by - and I might just tell you a little secret, too!


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