Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The bedroom project

(Update: Okay, I know the paper is vile, and I should have got around to decorating my room earlier. I know that! But there are a lot of very understandable "yikes"s out there, and I just wnated to emphasise that I hate it too. Really, I hate it!

Secondly, I've found a solution for the Blogger beta/Hipcast problem. And - believe me - it isn't pretty!)

Okay... now, I realise that this is going to be a really boring post, but hey - I worked hard, you know. And that wallpaper and border was on the wall when I moved in... I didn't choose it. Honestly.

So, anyway, day one started with some wholesale destruction. Or, at least, the removal of the picture rail and some paper...

... followed by a feeling of complete panic. And then a bit of plastering.

I've got a bit more, errmmm... stripping to do, and some more making good, and then I'll be lining the walls and painting everything. Including the carpet, no doubt. But that'll be next week, so the rest of this weeks posts will be slightly more interesting.

In fact, this is something of a momentous week for reasons that will be revealed. By Friday, I promise.

See ya!

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