Monday, May 22, 2006

Musical Monday

Well... it's Sunday night/Monday morning, and PTFE has been and gone. Not without consequences, mind you... she seems to have left a make-up bag and some other "essentials" in my bathroom, and I must confess it's causing me some concern. But make-up aside, we had a bit of a night on Saturday (sticking pretty much to the agenda although the movie seemed to fall by the wayside), and as if in testament to the sexual heroics that were taking place something rather strange, and a little bit spooky, happened. As PTFE was articulating her pleasure in the accepted way, she suddenly burst out laughing and said "My god. I don't believe it!"

I followed her gaze, which was directed towards the remnants of a couple of my candles which had pretty much melted away and had formed little rivulets of warm wax on the slate hearth of the fireplace. Strangely, one of the candles had evolved into something that seemed anything but random, and in fact seemed entirely fitting of the occasion. Look at the photo, and make up your own mind - random chance, or an acknowledgement from a higher power that the show was being appreciated (think guy with very full scrotum holding dick)?

Musical Monday this week features my favourite track from one of the great bands of the 70's and 80's - Roxy Music. Bryan Ferry may well have had outlandish dress sense and a slightly foppish hair style (think a kind of new romantic Hugh Grant) but he had a wonderful voice, and produced some amazing songs with RM. Remember Love is The Drug? Anyway, this track is from one of RM's lesser-acclaimed albums, "Manifesto". In fact, it's the title track and it's fucking brilliant. Play it loud!

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