Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A day off

Thank you for your appreciation of Musical Monday, “the craze that isn’t quite sweeping the blogosphere”. And a particular thank you to anyone who played along themselves... I really do enjoy listening to the music you choose, especially when its music that I didn’t know. And I would have responded to all of the comments individually, if I hadn’t been working the entire fucking Bank Holiday, to achieve my project deadline... in fact, my babies had to come to a meeting with me yesterday, which luckily enough was in a work associate’s house. We got there at 10 and left at gone 6 in the evening, but they were absolute angels all day and I was incredibly proud of them. I love them so much...

Anyway, today I’m taking a well-earned day off and going shopping at Fat Face to buy some new t-shirts for this joke of a summer. Oh, and some beady things, no doubt. Have a look at the site, they have some lovely stuff. I’ve just had to stock up on some new jeans too (Levi’s, of course... 507’s, actually) as all my jeans end up going on the knees eventually. I can’t think why...

Tonight it’s a few drinks and some dinner with PTFE. She’s worrying me a little... lots of sighing and meaningful looks, but I guess I’m just going to take things as they come. Anyway, I think the “L” she’s in might be a four letter word, but it ends in a consonant. Easily confused all too often, but I’ve been around the block too many times. Orgasms can cloud one’s judgement.

Wish me luck with my shopping, because I have a feeling it’ll play a part come Thursday. Oh, and I added a Flickr link to my sidebar for anyone who wants some easily-accessible reminders of what an incredible thing Os has achieved. The more I think about it, the more awe-inspiring it becomes.

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