Monday, June 12, 2006

Musical Monday

There it goes, then... yet another weekend. Sometimes I wonder how two days can go quite so quickly, but at least there was sun, and football. Oh, and there was PTFE, of course.

We had dinner, although not a BBQ in the end – she was late, and it was hot – and then started drinking the best part of a bottle of Toffee Vodka. No, I’d never heard of it before either, but let me tell you that it’s bloody delicious. And then, slightly pissed and half undressed, she endeavoured to get me to express some kind of indication of my feelings for her. Anything would have done by then, I suspect, except what I actually did say. Which was “I just can’t tell you what you want to hear.” Naturally, a conversation of sorts followed, and I must admit that I lost track at some point. Around the time she exclaimed “Aha! Well that’s something, at least!”

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t, but to be honest it had all become a bit of a haze by then. I think, though, that this is all going slightly off track, and I have a feeling that some serious decisions will have to be made soon. She know's that she's acting like a nutcase too, because she acknowledges that she is, quite openly. What was that musical where someone sang "Why can't a woman be more like a man"? ROFL!

Anyway, much more important is the fact that it’s Musical Monday again, and this week I’m going for something very different to my usual offerings. I hope you like it.

Philip Glass is an American composer born in 1937. Throughout his career he’s been prolific; he’s written ensemble works, operas, symphonies, concertos, film scores and for the piano. He is also a Buddhist and a strong supporter of the Tibetan cause. This track, “Protest”, is from the album The Essential Philip Glass, and if you fancy tasting some classical music to see if you like the flavour, it’s a good place to start. Maybe with a large glass of Toffee Vodka as an accompaniment.

Want to play? Just stick this in your sidebar, but change ALL the brackets to the pointy ones first:

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