Monday, May 15, 2006

Musical Monday

Sometimes, I get to the end of the weekend and think about what I want to post to my blog, and I’m almost sorry that it’s Monday. Because those are the times that I feel I really want to... share. Saturday night – or to be more precise, Saturday night and Sunday morning – was one of those times, but for now I’m going to just say this.


So here I am, still up having slept for no more than two or three hours last night, but feeling pretty good. Feeling vibrant, in fact, as if my body's been pumped full of high-octane fuel. I've been like this all day, and what am I going to do with this energy? I’m going to tell you about...

Dead Can Dance. Unlike any other band I’ve ever heard, and featuring a woman with one of the greatest voices on earth, Lisa Gerrard. And in case you don’t believe me, here’s what some other people have said...
“This is power. This is delicacy. This is the awesome majesty of an erupting volcano delivered with the subtlety and fragility of a snowflake. We are burned to the bone in that frozen moment of time, the one which passes by so quickly, yet remains framed in an exotic yet undefinable memory.”
“Lisa Gerrard's voice amazes me. It is as if she could vocalize, and master, the intangible. One can see through her voice, beyond word and meaning. Pablo Neruda says, in one of my favorite poems: 'words give glass quality to glass, blood to blood, and life to life itself'. She does it singing.”
“What I have to say is probably not original, but it is heartfelt. To me, Dead Can Dance makes music that goes to the essence of why we are alive, of why God put us on this Earth. Whether they make orchestral music, such as on Aion or Spleen and Ideal, or very basic, primitive music, such as is on Spiritchaser or Into the Labyrinth, each in its own way praises God. It is not music as entertainment-it is music as sustenance.”
What do I say? I say listen to Yulunga and Cantara, from the album Toward The Within, and make up your own mind. And I think I'm going to have to revert to daily posting again.

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