Thursday, August 17, 2006

HNT 42 - tan lines

Having endured the scorn of my fellow bloggers for the cardinal sin of wearing Speedos in the privacy of my own garden during the early part of the summer, I recall promising to provide pictorial evidence that more... "acceptable" garb would be worn around the pool in Tenerife. So - true to my word - here's a photo taken today, clearly showing the following: -

A - Orginal upper tan line - note the blurring, caused by a variety of shorts with slightly differing waistband styles/heights.

B - Original lower tan line, now faded slightly due to lack of sunlight as a consequence of said shorts.

C - Yes, look closely - that's the new tan line, appearing more than a few inches down a damn fine thigh my leg!

So, there you have it... concrete proof that I'm not a sunbathing weirdo. Oh, and Happy HNT to one and all!

Edit: There is a line. There is!!!


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