Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random thoughts

Kids... you really have got to love them, haven't you? I was sitting in the lounge yesterday evening, inflicting a bit of emotional trauma on myself with back to back episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The kids were in the office, S (I thought) on Playstation and O on the computer, playing with the new web-cam. Anyway, as I sat there, tissue in hand, S popped his head around the door.

S (from his position by the door): "Yep, he's crying!"

O (from the office): "Told you he would be."

I have a busy weekend coming up, although I'm limiting my social interactions with the more beautiful sex at the moment (for one reason or another... just be patient). I'm going here today which always means great excitement even after 36 years - yes 36 years, because I've been going since I was 10 - following my boys through thick and thin (mostly thin if truth be told). Then, on Sunday, I'm starting on my bedroom; stripping the old paper off, removing the picture rail, doing a bit of plastering, and then lining & painting the walls and woodwork... photos will follow, and it should look nice when its finished. Hopefully.

Anyway, I need some help, or at least some advice... yesterday I took the opportunity to switch over to the new Blogger beta. It all seemed to go pretty smoothly (although why I bothered I don't know, as I can't use any of the new functionality on my blog anyway) but now - when I comment on anywhere that uses the standard Blogger comment function - I have to sign in each time I do so. What's more, sometimes I have to sign in with my Blogger ID, and sometimes with my Google Accounts ID. Is that a pain, or is that a pain? Grrrrrr!!!

Anyway, if anyone knows the answer... share please. And in the meantime, have fabulous weekends, dahlings.

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