Thursday, May 18, 2006

HNT 31 - Anniversary time

Well, it's HNT's 1st Anniversary today, and Os asked that we repost our original nekkidness and then post something symbolic of the occasion. I have to say my own first attempt was quite a brave one, and set the tone for my pube fixation in later weeks and months. For those who may have missed it, here's a recap of what I looked like in those halceon days...

As for now, well... slightly more prone to playing on Photoshop, but in essence I seem to have retained whatever physical attributes I had back then. In fact, I function physically rather well for someone fast approaching what other's might call middle age. I call it my sexual peak.

Anyone want to put me to the test?

Some explanatory notes following early comments (!)
  1. I sunbathe in my garden, which is quite secluded. I may wear skimpies, or I may wear... nothing. When out and about or round the pool, I would like to point out that I wear shorts!!!
  2. The effect I used in photoshop for the second photo is slightly weird, but I'm actually not that hairy. Just a slight furriness, really - please refer to first photo for hair-check ;-)


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