Friday, September 01, 2006

It's my Blogiversary

You know, I've missed a couple of landmarks lately... 50,000 hits and my 250th post amongst them. But this particular occasion is kind of auspicious, so I thought I'd celebrate with a post in it's honour.

Because today is my very first Blogiversary... and I can't quite believe it myself, actually! I was looking back over some earlier entries, and realised again that I lost all my comments prior to mid-February, when I switched from Blogger comments to Halsoscan. That's a real shame, but there are one or two entries that I thought I might link to today.

Hopefully you'll forgive me this (relatively) small indulgence, and I really do hope that I'm still posting, and you're still reading, this time next year. And - of course - thank you.

My first post
My first post about SEX!
My first HNT
A bad day
A bit of a rant
The burglary
A word from Carey
A glimpse of New York
Stoned at the Tate
Staying authentic
The very first Musical Monday
The end of CFG
My beautiful girl
Bad karma
I'm a...errrmmm...
A dose of reality

Well, there you are then... some highlights from the last, and my first, blogging year. And - maybe - see you next time. My place :-)

P.S. That was, of course, what I meant when I referred to this being a "momentous" week, but I get the impression there's a bit of suspicion out there that things on the personal front are very quiet of late. And the truth is, I do have something of a secret... well, it's about my trip to Spain, actually. Because the thing is, I'm meeting Bea, my Cuban girl there. Never a dull moment, eh?

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