Friday, September 08, 2006

The bedroom project

So... I did say that I'd post a couple of photos of the bedroom when it was finished, and I like to keep my word. I've just got a couple of small jobs left to do on the woodwork, and I'm changing the handles in the silly little built-in cupboards, but essentially it's done. Thank god!

Okay, first, a quick reminder, just to make myself feel like I've accomplished something...

Anyway, the first photo is of the bed and picture that you've seen before, and although it's not a very good angle (lots of distortion, and the wall behind the bed has come out lighter than it actually is) you can see that I've got some new bedding. The carpet in the bedroom is actually a deep red - exactly the same colour as one of the shades on the bedding, in fact) so it all looks quite nice together.

The second one is of the wall with the fireplace and wardrobe. There are actually two interesting things about this photo, though... firstly, if you like contemporary art you may recognise the picture on the wall - it's a framed sketch of Lichtenstein's "Girl With Hair Ribbon" and the only thing hung on the walls that isn't oil or acrylic on canvas. I love it. Secondly, look very carefully at the bottom of the left hand wardrobe door... yes, there's a number (9,000) in black felt tip pen. My son, bless him, decided to do it one day, and when I asked him what on earth had induced him to deface my favourite wardrobe - and he still had felt tip on his hands at the time - he came up with that classic answer that all parents are familiar with. "It wasn't me, Daddy". But he looked at me with that beautiful face of his, and I couldn't bring myself to get too cross. Not for long, anyway...

Oh, and I nearly forgot - this is the other side of the room. You may have seen that shower cubicle before, because it featured in one of my more popular HNT's!

So, that's another job done, and the new wooden floor goes down this weekend, all being well. After that, it's a party at my place, and you're all invited. Just bring a bottle and a sleeping bag, unless you fancy getting cosy in those new red sheets :-)

Have a good one!

A "sticky" message

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