Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That's much better...

I must admit, I kind of enjoyed allowing myself to offload a little bit in that last post. All the comments were much appreciated, and I apologise that I didn't get around to answering all of them directly... I've allowed myself to get a little bit sidetracked this week, and consequently I'm under pressure to complete some work before I go away. I was working late last night, and started early this morning, but I suspect it'll be a similar story for the rest of this week if I'm to avoid landing myself in the quagmire.

Anyway, I do feel a lot better about things now, and the truth is that we're no longer together for many good reasons over and above her particular penchant for infidelity. I remember her saying once "At least I'll be with someone who I can understand now..." which - in retrospect - was kind of funny. I'm bloody sure I'm not that hard to understand. Am I???

I can't remember if I mentioned that I went round to Red's the other evening for a, errrmmm... bite, and we exchanged presents from our recent holidays.

She then disappeared for a minute and came back holding something else behind her back, which transpired to be another present that she'd bought me back in February because she "couldn't think of anyone it suited more".

We split up the day after she bought it, but she'd kept it in the cupboard knowing that the opportunity would arise at some point or other. I think it's hysterical, and I'm drinking my coffee from it as I type this post.

As Sunday looms, and my (very) early morning flight from Stansted to Almeria gets ever closer, I'm beginning to feel like I'm making one of my now-famous mistakes. I mean, what am I thinking... a 28-year old Cuban? Am I a complete lunatic (that was a rhetorical question, incidentally)? Still, a week in Spain can only be a good thing, and the truth is that I may not be a spring chicken but I'm certainly not a fool... I'm just going to take things as they cum come. Ironically, someone I was really interested in for months has been asking me if we can go out, and it's taking all of my will-power at the moment to say no. But at least I said it, eh?

Thanks again for the "support". It felt rather nice to see a little vicarious loathing, although I noticed a tiny bit of empathy in there too. Obviously I ignored it, though :-)

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