Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've had enough!

My god... first the bedroom, and then straight into the new flooring. It's been a tiring, messy, irritating week, but I'm nearly there now. In fact I should be there already but things went a bit... well, wrong, actually.

The floor went down beautifully, first in the lounge...

and then in the office...

but when it came to the small hall (well, a little square at the bottom of the stairs, actually) and the porch it all became a bit more complicated! I decided to remove what was the original front door, assuming that the frame would just "come out" and I could fill the rebate. But I didn't count on all the plaster coming off the wall, so I ended up needing some help from the flooring contractors. Quite a lot of help actually, and this is how it looks at the moment...

Anyway, I guess I have a bit more painting to do, and I want to finish it off for Friday because my sister is coming over to stay and she's been too "busy" to have visited for the best part of a year. You may remember that she had some problems of her own and spent a few weeks making herself invisible to various parties who fancied chatting to her. Well, all has now been resolved, and she's going to be living about ten minutes drive from me, taking up her old job (she's a hairdresser) as of next week.

It's been something of a family drama actually, but in my family we're used to drama. Well, I try to steer clear, personally, but I've always been a little different to my brother and sister. Which is fine by me, because different has always appealed to me, for some reason.

Now... can I muster up some energy for HNT??? I'm not sure to be honest, but right now I'm going to go for a run and listen to some music en route. And I think I've just decided on next week's Musical Monday, so I guess that's what'll be on my iPod. Its... ;-)

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