Saturday, September 02, 2006

A quiet weekend

Well, thanks for all the good wishes for my first anniversary in blogdom. One year... and I have to confess it hadn’t really occurred to me quite what a year it’s been, until I read Kimmy’s comment – emotional melodramas, a burglary - while I was in my fucking bed - and the start-up of a new business... it really was a year to remember. And I should have mentioned that I’ve met (yes, in three dimensions) some really fantastic people from the blogosphere, all of whom proved that their personalities that we see in the written word are an accurate reflection of who they really are, as human beings. It’s refreshing to see that there’s some reality in this environment! As well as some entertainment.

Anyway, I had a bit of a template day today, having decided that my sidebar was becoming much too unwieldy. Consequently I spent far too long playing with drop-down menus, but hopefully they’re an improvement on what was there before (do me a favour – if you don’t think so just pretend). They seem to work when they pull the attributes for the content straight from the template code as you can for archives and recent posts, but not so well when I want to use a more traditional list, say of URL’s for HNT or Musical Monday. I could get the design of the drop-down how I wanted it but I couldn’t get the lists to work, so if anyone knows the answer to this little problem I’d love to know too. Call me.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet weekend, and I guess that’s to be expected because I’m in a kind of limbo for the next two or three weeks. Bea and I chat on IM, or speak on the telephone, for two or three hours every day (yes, we even bought webcams – how sweet is that?) but it’s obviously not the same as being with each other... still, it’s proving to be an interesting experience, that’s for sure! And although there’s a sense of unreality about it at the moment, that’s going to change very soon. And then, I guess, we’ll have more of an idea as to how sustainable it might be.

Right... I’m going to have a coffee and a cigarette, clear up the kitchen and watch some football. Hope you guys are all having good weekends (especially across the water, where it’s a long one, I think) and thanks again for all the kind words. One year... who’d have thought ;-)

By the way...

In their infinite wisdom, Blogger seem to have decided that anyone using the beta platform can no longer comment on the old-style blogs (because they've merged the old and new accounts onto Google - the pillocks). This really is a pain, but I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you. In fact, I'm immensely pissed off about it. So go on... switch to beta... you know you want to!

(Update on comment problems... Mez came up with a good solution to the beta/non-beta issue, but it only works on blogs that allow anonymous comments. The others seem to require a Blogger sign in, which unfortunately I can't do. So, again, apologies if I don't comment until Blogger/Google get their act together... then again, if you miss me that much you can always enable anonymous comments, eh?)

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