Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thoughts, images

Not surprisingly, I suppose, New York has been something of a theme in my thoughts lately. Prior to A coming over to live, I've been talking a lot to the children over here, making sure that they're comfortable with what's happening and don't have any insecurities or unanswered questions. They seem fine, but they're so sure of my love for them that it doesn't surprise me at all.

We were looking at some old photographs today, and recently Cat asked me what kind of photography I was into when I earned a somewhat meagre living with my camera. I still owe her a reply (sorry, Cat... put that right now) but I liked, in the main, portraiture (for which I had something of a talent) and street photgraphy, and both almost exclusively black and white. New York was my favourite place to wander aimlessly, and although I lost a lot of photgraphs in the burglary I found a few of NYC, some of which I scanned onto my laptop. I'd really like to share my favourite portraits here, but for obvious reasons I can't do that.

I was going to hook up with NML and Serendipity tonight, maybe for some drinks and something to eat, but as with so many plans it didn't quite work out. So it's going to be a quiet night instead. I may do some work, or just chill a bit and listen to some music. Whatever you're up to, have a good weekend.

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