Thursday, February 16, 2006

Haloscan and tummy scratches

Edit: By way of an update, all Haloscan comments from this date onwards were ultimately lost after Echo/JS-Kit took over their accounts; Haloscan subsequently ceased to exist and anything not fully transferred over by December 2009 was archived and - effectively - lost at that point. Sadly, this has meant the loss of some very precious comments but it seems that nothing can be done about it. WDKY, December '11

I've decided to switch to Haloscan as it gives me a little more control over comments left as well as being easier to reply, and you'll now find the link at the end of each post. I'm really sorry that - in the process - I've lost the historic posts on the blog (they're not actually lost, but they are hidden, as I've deactivated the original comment function).

Please don't let it put you off commenting in future, as now I've made the change I'll be sticking to it. Oh, and no HNT today... I just had a little too much to do.

PS Clarification on Millie... she is actually the dog that my ex and I had, from a pup, when we were together. I can't remember how old she is now, but I think she's around 5 (I know, you can't really tell from the photo!) Lola was very carefully introduced to her as I held her (Lola, that is) in my arms, stroking and talking to her. She responded by giving me two very large scratches on my tummy as she hurtled out of my arms, and out of the window into the garden. I think this may take a little work!

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