Friday, February 10, 2006

An awful dilemma

I’ve been facing a bit of a blogging dilemma for the last week or two, and it’s the main reason, I guess, that my posts have been a little less regular than they always have been. So I’m hoping that – if I explain myself here – everyone will tell me not to worry. And then it will help to ease the guilt that’s almost second nature to a boy who’s been brought up by a Jewish mother. Know what I mean?

Right… the thing is, I’ve actually been pretty busy, and I really need to pull my finger out even more in terms of marketing and PR. That probably means that over the next few weeks I’ll be even busier. The consequence of this is that I don’t have time to visit everyone’s blog each day, and I don’t like to visit some and not others. So, on the basis that I may go a day without commenting on anyone else’s posts, I feel that I should spread my own posts out a little more. Like every other day, or something.

Well, I was thinking about this earlier, and I’ve decided to attack my Blogroll from the top and the bottom alternately. (Hang on, what if I never get to the middle? Strike that.) Or maybe I’ll just knock an hour off my sleep each day? (No, I don’t sleep enough as it is.) I know… I’ll learn to touch type. Zooz actually bought me a Mavis Beacon CD-ROM for Christmas, so that’s clearly the answer.

Phew. Well, today, S was playing football after school, and as I had my new toy with me I thought I’d share a photo (trust me, it could have been worse). It was quite a proud moment for me today, because a couple of the other Dads asked when S would be eligible to officially represent the school (it’s next year) and then said that they desperately need someone with his speed and skill. Yes!!!!

Okay, I’m going to do the rounds tonight, so keep your eyes peeled on your comments. I love you all… (blow’s kiss and exits stage left…)


positronic said...

I love you too duude ;-)

zoozan said...

oi, every father's dream

Caterpillar said...

No worries here! You do what you need to do and don't feel guilty! No stress is allowed!

And S is absolutely adorable!!! You're going to have to pass on digital SLR tips to me, cause I'm still trying to very slowly learn how to use mine!

networkchic said...

Ah...well I suppose work is more important than play when it means supporting yourself and get on with it. :-)

Your boy is gorgeous.

New York Moments said...

I've got the same blogging issue. Only, I'm sure no one gives a shit if I visit their blog or not.

I no longer have a mindless job that allows me to blog 8 hours a day. And I've got all kinds of other stuff to do now.

Anyway---be guilt free!

mez said...

yeah, I know what you mean. Just do whatever you can, when you can. I've had to cut down on a few blogs recently for similar reasons.

S looks like a real sweetheart! aw

kimmyk said...

I'll be totally gutted if you don't read my blog daily.
Totally gutted indeed.

Yeah right. *rolling my eyes*
I don't give a flyin' hooie if ya read it or not.
I do..I care...but!!!

Life is important. Food is important. Having electricity is important.
You gotta do what ya gotta do.

You need to find yourself a very weathly hot woman who wants you to stay at home and be her bitch. That way you can blog all day long..and take pictures with that new snazzy camera !

Your "S" looks adorable!

darkneuro said...

"Tapped a year early to lead his school to victory, here we have S..."
Yay! Nice picture!
Don't worry about commenting. I can check the statcounter if you popped in, and I'll know you're alive on ;)

Blondie said...

I understand the feeling completely T. The new job for me has really cut into my blog "strolling" time. I feel horridly guilty because I go and check my comments...and thinks "Awww, why the hell are they even commenting, I haven't said anything to them in a few days...I guess they do like me!" Then I just lamely attempt to return the favor...get a few done...then almost fall asleep at my desk.

Anyhooo Loving the picture of your boy... I'm rather envious of your new purchase...And proud too for you. Re the boy, what a proud Dad moment. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend... I will try to do so after I get home from work.


kimberly said...

wdky: you know what i thought after reading that? how SWEET a person you are for even thinking that way. so kind.
i say, do what you need to do. the way i see blogs, they just quietly exist out there in cyberspace for people to visit at their leisure, or not. besides, if your readers miss you, they can always come visit YOU.
really nice picture!

J's GF said...

Jewish mother? Have you read Hal Sirowitz? If not, I'd say that's a must.

I agree with everyone that you shouldn't feel guilty; I think it's wrong to think that people read your blog because they expect you to read theirs in return. When you write a blog it's nice when someone reads it, but to me it's not really done for socialising purposes. But by all means that is not to say I don't appreciate your comments!

Hope your new profession is strolling along nicely, mine is and it's quite a relief.

SurvingOnlineDating said...

Much love and support on the work/PR front. In other areas too of course

FireCracker said...

You are not the only one with this dilemma. It's much harder now to find the time to blog, comment or even read my favourites - and I don't have anyone to worry about but myself! Don't worry about the rest of us, just take care of yourself, your family and your business and enjoy every proud Dad moment you get!

anu said...

WDKY, its during weekends that i really get to look at all my favourite blogs. That is when i have enough time.

I think you are really caring to even put forth this awful dilemma as a post :)

NML said...

Darling, I have had much of the same dilemna. I have a new time management system in place though and I mention it occasionally on the blog so that people don't think I'm giving them the blankety blank cheque book and pen. I only read blogs at work or at the weekend. Now I appreciate that you work for yourself, but that basically means that you either do it when you're having a quiet period at work or at your 'lunch break' or at the weekends. People get used to it. It has been a blessing for me and the 'pressure' is off and I can focus on other stuff. Right, enough rambling..

blueprincesa said...

An awful dilemma, but an awfully cute kid.

***** said...

The storms have reached fever pitch. I am crushed and broken against the rocks. I will return to that place where I find my comfort. Then rest my battered soul a bit I think. A place to lay my head.

Sher said...

Seems a few of us have the lack of blogging time blues.
What a gent you are with your friend.
Hope you are well! (?)

paula said...

u know when blog reading become an obligation is not fun anymore...something like that happened to me and i started feeling guilty and i started thinking what my readers would think about what i was writing and then i realized my blog was not anymore what i wanted to be so i disabled comments, changed language and started all over again...and im happy now cause i don't feel any obligation anymore...i read what i want when i want and i enjoy it like this..

sirreene said...

Priorities! must come before playtime unless you are among GET TO WORK, and playtime with the children before anything else by all means!