Saturday, April 01, 2006

You've got to love them

The holidays are slightly different over here in the UK, but my kid's school broke up for Easter yesterday, and they're now off until 19th April (I think!). O had been away all week on an annual trip to an adventure park in Norfolk for the Year 6's, but S had some excitement of a different kind... the school play. This year, it was David and Goliath, and S was playing in Israelite soldier, resplendant in armour, sword and fake beard. He couldn't take his eyes from the camera, but I can confirm that he gets his cheeky grin from his father. (You'd never guess from the colour of him that my ex is half-Pakistani, would you? Ed)

(This is an improvement on previous years, when - mid-play - he'd walk to the front of the stage and blow me a kiss, much to my embarressment and everyone else's amusement. Although I loved it really!)

It's been a strange week, but this evening all three children will be causing their chaos elsewhere, O and S with their Mum and A with the 21 year-old daughter of a friend, who he seems to have taken a shine to. And guess who's coming round to play with me?

I saw CFG on Thursday night, and things just seem to be getting better. Although I did find out about the whole France issue, which has come about because her teaching contract un the UK comes to an end in September. It seems she has three options:
  1. Go back to France where she's been offered an incredible job helping to start up a new language school.
  2. Go to Singapore for an equally incredible job, where she'll be close to her son's father. Although this would purely be for her son, not for her.
  3. Stay in the UK, where... what? She and I have been together for a couple of weeks, so however we may feel it would be madness to base a decision on... us. She'd also have to find work, which in her field isn't particularly easy.
So, perfect though it seems at the moment, it can only be the calm before the storm. If I had any sense, I'd just accept the inevitable and stop things between us now, but I'm not entirely sure if I can.

Which seems to be the story of my life.

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