Saturday, April 21, 2007

Remembering Anu

I hadn't intended to post today, but last night one or two things that occurred turned my thoughts to Anu, and I found myself reading various tributes to her (including the comments on my own post of December last year). And whilst doing so it occurred to me that I hadn't let anyone know whether their comments had been passed on to Anu's parents or not, and that it might be important to you... something for which I apologise.

Well, I did indeed write to them although it was something that I found quite hard to do, and I also wanted to wait a respectful amount of time... but fairly recently I sent the following letter. I attached all the comments that were left on my original post - although I removed any specific blog references, because I thought Anu's own thoughts should remain something between her and whoever she had made them known to before her death - and I hope that I managed to do justice to how we felt about a truly wonderful person.

You know, the tears still come sometimes, for someone I never met in person. That say's it all, I suspect.

Dear Mr and Mrs Xxx

Even though this letter is one that I’ve delayed writing for some time, I’d like to start by saying that it’s an honour to be finally sending it. An honour because in Anita (or Anu, as I knew her) you raised the most wonderful human being who ever crossed my path; for that reason, whilst you may consider this in some ways an intrusion, I felt that I had to write to you to express how I – and many others – were left touched forever by her spirit, and her beauty.

I should explain that she and I “met” through an on online community that writes and publishes journals or “Blogs” on the Internet (often, but not always, for others to read and comment on). To be honest, I can’t recall how Anu and I stumbled upon each other, but we developed a truly wonderful relationship. Not only did we communicate through the medium of blogging, but we wrote to each other often and - after a short while – spoke on the telephone; and it was such a pleasure actually hearing each other’s voices that we did so subsequently a number of times. In fact, we exchanged Birthday presents and other small gifts by post too, and I soon considered her to be a very special and close friend, and loved her very much.

I knew that I was going to write to you at some point, but really didn’t know how best to articulate what I and others felt about Anu’s sad passing. But then I realised that there was indeed a way in which I could show you the joy that she brought to so many of us… and so I posted an entry on my journal, and invited those that knew her to leave their comments in the knowledge that they would ultimately find their way to you.

And so, below, I’ve reproduced that journal entry, together with the comments left “in memorium”. Being strong regarding Anu is something that I find quite difficult at times, but the love expressed below is something that can only bring joy and wonder. I can’t imagine ever knowing anyone again who will have such a profoundly positive impact on everyone she touched. She was a brave, kind, and wonderful girl, and whilst I offer my condolences for your sad loss I must also thank you. You must both be so immensely proud of her.

Below is my journal entry (dated 19th December 2006) followed by the comments left by others. I’m sorry if they cause you any pain, but I know that they’ll also bring you much joy.

With love and best wishes,

Xxxx Xxxxx

And now I'm off to bring my Cuban home. Have a lovely weekend, all of you.

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