Thursday, April 12, 2007


Oh god... what an awful day. I've had BIG computer problems, thanks to Windows (fucking) Vista. I've barely been online for two days, and have had no chance at all to visit or comment. Sorry, I know it's rude of me ;-)

I feel like I want to throw my laptop off the roof. Or pull my hair out. Or punch someone in the mouth! But there is some news that isn't bad, fortunately... firstly, I'm typing this whilst looking at a rather funky 24" widescreen monitor! Honestly, it's like being at the movies. Oh, and a client who was giving me endless grief has come back with a job, and whilst it'll be a complete nightmare it'll secure my year for me, all being well. Three months of very hard work, but with two other projects on the go I should be able to keep Bea in the manner to which she'd like to become accustomed!

Speaking of Bea, she's now sold her car (bless) and is apparently looking forward to dinner with another one of her gay male friends tomorrow night (ha ha - of course, all her male friends are gay. She must think I was born yesterday). Luckily, I'm a trusting sort of guy without an ounce of jealousy in my entire body.


Right, got to get on, and see what's wrong with this bloody computer.

(My god, it's another week closer... )

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