Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Thank you for these comments, which are very kind and much appreciated. As I indicated in my post I will be sending them on, with a covering letter, to Anu's parents. I know that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words in these circumstances, but please read her own words through the links below and I'm sure they'll inspire you.

Thank you again.

It really is with the most incredible sadness that I find myself posting on this blog again.

My friend, the amazing girl that we knew in this environment as Anu, was killed in a car accident on 10th December and anyone who has been touched by her radiance and love will understand the depth of the pain I'm feeling as I write this post. She was an example to all of us through her strength, her optimism and her love of life. The irony of her death, having fought such an inspiring battle against her illness, is plain to see and – angry though I feel at this waste of life – I shall try to emulate her in some way and focus on all the positive things that knowing her brought to my life.

I know this will be a hard request to respond to, but I’d like you to post your thoughts about Anu through my comments, and at some point soon I’ll send them with an accompanying letter to her parents. I can’t help believing that if they had even an inkling of the impact she had on so many people they’d feel an immense pride, even through their sense of loss.

Thanks to those that do feel that they can respond and I’m sorry, of course, if this has come as something of a shock. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have transcended the constraints of this medium in knowing her in a real sense, and I’ll miss her greatly.

Appreciate Yourself

Little Miss Anu

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