Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just goes to show...

In not a great deal of time, we're all off on holiday - to Tenerife again, naturally, but this time there'll be four of us. And it got me thinking about last year to the point where I decided to have a quick recap of my returning from holiday post. And if I may, I'll quote...
And I was quite good in a relative sense, barely getting up to any mischief whatsoever. I did get a little bit tempted by one of the girls that worked in the bars at the hotel, mind you; her name is Beatriz, she’d been there last year (when we’d got on really well) and it was great to see her again. This time, she was even more tactile than I remembered, touching my hands, my arms, and my chest as we were talking (no lower, unfortunately). Then, one evening, she said something to me and stroked my face, and that point my resolve broke completely and I must admit I asked her out for dinner. Much to everyone’s surprise (including my own) she said yes, and we ended up having a fantastic meal in a seafood restaurant tucked away in a little fishing village overlooking the sea. Afterwards, she took me to a salsa bar to meet her sister, and then we drank, clubbed and chatted until about four in the morning. She's beautiful, intelligent, and funny, and has decided that she wants to pop over to London for a visit.

Oh, and she's 28. And Cuban. And the most fucking amazing dancer I’ve ever seen.
You have to laugh! To be honest, I'm not sure what it proves (if anything), other than the fact that you can't predict the future. Or, perhaps, a 47 year old Londoner and a 29 year old Cuban can have more in common than you'd imagine. But what it definitely illustrates is that the strange mystery of life doesn't become any clearer however old you might be getting, or might have gotten (!). You've got to love it, haven't you?

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