Wednesday, August 08, 2007

HNT. Not.

It’s a funny thing, this blogging. Not that many months ago, the thought of missing an HNT post would fill me (and, it seems, others) with dread. I was getting about 300 hits a day, and maintaining the momentum of my posts was almost a full-time job. Now, I get one-tenth of the hits and often go a week or more without posting.

Partly, it was pressure of work – I had 3 large projects on the go, and barely had time to eat, let alone do the blog rounds. But it’s also the consequence of being in a relationship again. My time at the computer needs to be regulated, and in any event I find myself wondering where the hours have gone. And the nights spent ruminating, vodka on the desk and cigarette in hand, are gone. Although not forgotten.

This week, in particular, I feel a bit discombobulated. I think it might be post-holiday blues, but I can’t seem to focus on much, and what I do focus on has little to do with work. I’ve also put on a few pounds, and consequently rejoined my local gym to help work them off. I know I’m in good shape for a guy of 47, but I can’t help comparing myself to the WDKY of 10 or 15 years ago. Unfortunately, the aging process is something that just seems to happen when you’re not paying attention, and there’s no stopping it. Such is life.

The holiday was… well, perfect. The hotel was quiet, the kids had a marvellous time, and we all did things that we don’t normally do when we’re away (the consequence of Bea being back on home ground). We did see the Scottish Sisters, but they were distant and a little… well, bitchy, actually. Bea thinks it’s because they know they’re not going to be getting inside my pants – maybe she’s right. Whatever, I guess that's one holiday friendship that isn't going to stand the test of time.

I think it’s good to be back, but the truth is I’m not really sure.

PS If you want to read some real writing, have a look at this!

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