Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's so HOT

Wow, this weather is fantastic! Life feels so different when the sun shines, doesn't it? And today is going to be great, a mixture of sunbathing, watching England thrash Portugal and reaching the semi-finals of the WC (not THAT kind of WC) and cooking a barbeque for me and the kids. No doubt a bit of football and trampolining in the garden too. And no dates although there's definitely some naughtiness bubbling away in the background and I can't imagine that my new-found celibacy will last for more than a few days. Thank goodness.

I did have a bit of trouble with Alfie (well, that's what the chidren call it), and it had to go back to the garage for some minor tweaking. But at least everything was sorted out without any fuss, and I must say they really have done a lovely job and it's a pleasure to be driving again. That paintwork is a kind of irridescent colour, which changes slightly as the car moves past you. Or you move past the car. Anyway, if a car can be sexy, this one most certainly is, and whilst car does not maketh man, I reckon I'm still allowed to enjoy it.

Right. Better go and think about some breakfast. Thanks for the HNT comments, which were much appreciated. And no, contrary to popular belief I won't just be removing my belt or my sandals next week. I'll be very nekkid indeed, in fact. Oh, and I'll be popping over today to see what you're up to, so I hope you've been behaving. Actually, I don't.

Have a lovely weekend.

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