Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A good Christmas

Well, I knew the present situation was going to be a disaster! No tree meant I had to leave them at the bottom of the kid’s beds but I thought I was relatively safe (I’d watched a couple of late movies and so didn’t venture into their rooms until about 3am). As I crept past S’s bed, carefully ensuring that there was no rustling of wrapping paper, he sat bolt upright and looked at me. “Has Father Christmas been yet, Daddy?” I froze to the spot, unable to hide the armful of presents or escape his room in time, but he just lay back down again and was fast asleep before I’d taken another step. Then, in the morning, O disappeared into the office with a handful or wrapping paper, and proceeded to carry out a detailed pen and handwriting analysis. She called me in after about 10 minutes and said “I know it’s you, Dad” and with that one sentence 11 years of fairy tales and mythology went straight down the toilet. Oh well… they went off with their Mum at around 1pm (not so bad… but I miss the old Christmases we used to have, badly), and I drove over to my Mum for a lovely Christmas dinner and an evening of crap TV and the usual banter with my brother, who drove up from Brighton for the day and then drove back down again later that night.

Our little holiday was brilliant… we arrived in Brighton on Boxing Day at around mid-day, checked into our hotel, and then went over to Bro’s house where I cooked dinner for everyone and we watched some TV and just chilled. In the evening we went back over to the hotel and sat in the bar paying Cranium (Cadoo, the kid’s version) and drinking into the early hours. Then, yesterday morning, Bro met us in the restaurant for breakfast and afterwards we went off to Brighton Pier, scene of many a landmark moment in the life of WDKY and one of my favourite places to take the children during the summer holidays each year. Mind you, it was snowing and bloody cold, although it didn’t stop us having a whale of a time.

After the pier we had some time to hang out back at the house and then we went to see King Kong, which starred one of my favourite actresses (Naomi Watts – remember her in Mullholland Drive?) and some guy who I think I saw recently in Jacket and who seems destined to become a bit of a heart-throb. Actually, I thought it was really good, and although it went on for about three hours the kids stayed awake and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bro met up with us afterwards, we went out for some dinner, and I was back home last night by ten, with the children tucked up in their own beds minutes later.

So… a good Christmas. Not perfect, but the kind of Christmas that many, many people with far less than I have would be thankful for. And, in truth that’s what I was. Thankful for what I have.


j said...

that does sound like a pretty good christmas all in all.

and 11 yrs? that's a pretty long time to get when it comes to ol' santy claus.

emerald eyes/kitty said...

The true way to keep it in perspective, sweets.
Being thankful for what you have - -
your health, the bautiful kids, the moments together, and the oppotunity to even walk, for that matter... and get out and see King Kong.

I think that humbleness is one of the best lessons life can offer, and I know you have it, and it's nice to read it and remember myself to have it.

Anyway... I am digressing. Too much on my mind. Great photos, and honestly, I'd like to see more, especailly of the Brighton Pier.
Have a fabulous day!

check said...

O is smart! and that was a nice post T, sounds like a good x'mas after all.. lets hope S has at least 3 yrs more of fairy tales..

New York Moments said...

So glad you had a great holiday!

You managed to keep the Santa thing going for 11 years??? That's fantastic!

Hope your new year is just a nice.

Sky said...

11 years is pretty good! I remember how I figured out Santa wasn't real. Santa was using the same wrapping paper and same tags as my mother. I think I was 8 at the time.

Overall, it sounds like you had a good Christmas and I hope the new year brings you much happiness for you and the kids.

eljacek said...

Hell, much more entertaining then my xmas. I sat around all weekend bored out of my mind :) So in retrospect it's good to know people out there are having good holidays, i.e. you :) best of everything in the new year wdky :) oh and ... cheers.

Blondie said...

I was about 11 when I stopped believing in the fairy tale part of Christmas. I'm glad y'all had a nice time of the rest of the holiday. I'm with eljacek...It is nice to know a few out that had a good time. I did refrain from unloading my .38 into my ex MIL. I'd say I had a good one then! ;) hehe
I missed you T!

networkchic said...

Oh it's so sad when they finally figure out that Santa is actually Daddy, but at least you kept it going for quite a long time. Now maybe you can teach her that Santa is real, he just lives in our hearts. I'm glad you had a great Christmas....I wish I was there to hand deliver a present wrapped with a big red bow. :-)

MG said...

Glad to hear it went well...

I got a visual of you now frozen with armful of presents....cute

crazylittlekitty/Emerald said...

ahhhh... awesome new photos!

NML said...

Hey WDKY. Good to hear that you're having a good one. Loving the CSI moment with the handwriting analysis. Smart cookie your daughter. I have to say though, I detest Brighton! But I'm glad you've enjoyed it ;-) Let's definitely catch up in the new year xx

wdky said...

J - it wasn't bad, was it?

Em, thanks darling. The new pic was for you.

Check, I had to have some serious words with O about it...

NYM - thanks and the same to you, big time.

Sky, thanks, it was nice. And you too.

EJ, good luck on your quest!

Ruthie, I think you made the right decision :-)

NWC, you and me both!!

MG - did I say I was naked?

EM - AS I said... ;-)

NML - don't like Brighton?? Yes, we must!

lecram said...

Great choice... and a brave one! Cheers, Happy HNT and have a Wonderful New Year!

Lee Ann said...

Damn...really really nice! Thank you! ;)
Happy HNT and a very Happy New Year!

Mz Naughty said...

Very nice shot, Wow 11 yrs. I think when I found out Santa wasn't real I cried so bad, my kids didnt get the chance to get into the fairy tale due to my sisters telling them early there was no such thing. Hope your christmas was blessed and I dont think I would have ever made it out on that water.. no no no