Tuesday, September 27, 2005

GG, the presentation and man-flu.

Okay, I’ll start with GG. In my more lucid moments today, when not in a drug-induced daze – and I’m talking about cold remedies here – I’ve been giving matters some thought. Firstly, she invited me to join her in Florence for the weekend as a guest at a friend’s wedding. Well, it’s just outside Genoa, but we were going to visit Florence while we were there. I’ve decided, though, that I’m not going to go… mainly, I think, because I just want a bit of space between us for the next week or so. Maybe I’m mad, but Florence is only a cheap Easyjet fare away, and it’s not going anywhere.

Secondly, I was thinking about something Surviving Online Dating said to me about just being comfortable around each other, and I’m going to tell her that I want sex to take a back seat for a week or two. The thing is, I do like her company, and we have lots of things in common (sense of humour, music, a kind of spiritual thing going on, penchant for the odd spliff, etc etc) and it would be a shame to just walk away from it. So, we’ll see how it goes. We haven’t spoken for a day or two, and I’ll email her in a minute and suggest that we speak tomorrow. Feel free to tell me if you think I'm being a complete moron...

Thanks, incidentally, for all your positive thoughts/words of advice about the presentation today, and this horrible bout of man-flu. I think we did okay… no real cock-ups by any of the team, which was bordering on remarkable, and I must admit I even managed to crack one or two quite outstanding jokes which brought a few chuckles from the assembled audience. We’ll know in a couple of weeks if we’ve progressed to the next stage, so keep your fingers crossed for me, please! Aside from that, I feel like complete and utter cr*p and will be lucky if I sleep for more than an hour or two tonight as I can’t breathe at all.

Oh, before I go seek out more, and stronger, cold remedies (actually, I'm going to try tequila now as the more conventional approach hasn't proved to be very successful) I was asked what was going on with regard to the PAG situation. Well, I'm both happy and relieved to report that the calls have stopped. Completely. Sometimes doing nothing can be the right thing to do. It’s just a case of knowing when, I suppose.


Surviving Online Dating said...

Talking abou NOT having sex was very hard. I mean we ended doing it on the second date. I felt like quite the hypocrite when I told him I wanted to just stop.

I was very stressed out about it. It was great sex-but, I wanted to know how we would 'just be' with each other. Plus, I wanted to test how sincere his interest was in me.

Now we are both so very comfortable just hanging out. We kiss and touch a lot, we even sleep in the same bed on weekends, but no sex.

It is nice. He thinks it is nice though on occasion I could see that 'I really want to fuck you' look in his eyes.

Let's see here...what is my point?

Oh yeah, try it! Let's face it, sex clouds the mind sometimes and if you want to see how you really feel about her and vice versa, I say put if off for a bit.

WDKY said...

Well, I think we'll just give it a go. For one thing, it will be interesting to just hang out without f*cking all the time. And for another, because I need to let her know that I won't accept her thinking that she can dictate to me how this aspect of our relationship is going to develop.

If it all goes to sh*t, so be it. At least I'll have made an attempt at getting things on track.

NewYorkMoments said...

If I were there I'd make you some chicken soup.

Dale Callahan said...

I will encourage you not to have the sexual part of your relationship until you are willing to have the responsibility part of the relationship. I lived 24 years of my life as a unbeliever. I had many different women, some of whom I thought I loved, others in whom I knew I didn't. It didn't matter, what did matter is that numero uno received pleasure, and that was me.
It is no wonder that relationships do not last now adays. The relationship begins with the physical [sexual] and is centered around the physical. After months, and maybe a few years [if its really good sex] the whamo feelings pass and the relationship takes a nose dive. Why the nose dive? Because the relationship never went beyond the physical.
God promises to bless the sexual relationship when it is within the marriage covenant, and He also promises to bring to judgement those who have sex before marriage or who break their marriage vows.
These are things that people in our culture hardly ever bring into their thoughts.

WDKY said...

If you were here, NYM, chicken soup would be the last thing on my mind. But thank you!

Dale... errr, that was certainly food for thought. I'll get back to you.

k o w said...

Sir I do believe you took to the tequila before writing this post as no sex just seems like an alcohol induced rant.

Unless of course your falling for her?

Surviving Online Dating said...

Dale, you had my attention until I got to the part about G-D blessing sex within the context of marriage.

If this is the case why do so many marriages end in divorce? If the sex was so blessed there would not be so many cheating.

Go see my blog and read the post Church Boy. Church Boy's sex was not as blessed as he would have liked.

kimmyk said...

you need chicken noodle soup and rest and push those fluids!
sorry you're not better....being sick just sucks a big ass. i totally think the tequila is the key here...good idea.

zoozan said...

Funnily enough I went to Ivor Silbermann Kosher butchers in Stanmore yesterday and bought a boiling chicken. You can't beat a good chicken soup.

SOD - really?? how long with that last? Couldn't, wouldn't want to do that.

I'm glad you're giving the relationship a chance, it deserves it.

WDKY said...

Falling for her, KOW? What kind of nonsense is that, man? Err...

Kimmy, chicken soup does seem to be the popular vote, doesn't it? The tequlia, though - being a fluid - did seem to help a bit :-)

Zoozan, I bet you've invited Yentel round for soup! You have, haven't you?