Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Random thoughts 3.

Okay, firstly I just want to say a bit more about this marathon, six hour non-come fest that I participated in, albeit unwittingly, over the weekend. Because, for the last couple of days, and as much as I don’t want it to happen, I can feel myself becoming more distant from GG, less communicative… not as in tune as I was with her. And whilst this change isn’t one that I want, I have a feeling the damage has been done.

S*x has become an issue, and whist it might be something you’d work hard to resolve within the context of an established relationship I’m not sure I want (or expect) to be thinking about this kind of stuff after three dates! I want s*x to be spontaneous, and I want it to be fun. I’m not sure it will be now, and if that really is the case I need to think about what I do next. What a complete sh*t.

To add to my woes, I have to deliver one of the biggest presentations of my life tomorrow and I’m so ill I can barely speak. For this, I should thank O, my daughter. She’s had a nasty cough and cold for the last few days, and finally I’ve succumbed. So, I need to decide, when I get up tomorrow, one of two strategies:

1) Don’t take anything, cough and sneeze my way through the presentation, but be reasonably aware of what’s going on around me. (That’ll definitely piss them off though.) Or
2) Drug myself up to the eyeballs so that I don’t give them the impression that I’m filling the room with nasty little germs, and risk staring at them blankly every time I’m asked a searching question. (Which will also piss them off.)

Whilst I don’t want to come across as a whinger, I CAN’T F*CKING BELIEVE THIS HAS HAPPENED. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

That’s better.

Anyway, today I decided to tell my brother, who was at football with me tonight (yes, I know I shouldn’t have gone) about my blog, and he promised to pay it a visit. I’ve only ever told one other person I know that this site exists (she does pop in quite regularly, too), and now I await his first comments with interest. Although, of course, he might not comment. (I did tell him not to bullsh*t me, though, as I can track my visitors. So if he forgets about our conversation and then tries to bluff when interrogated, I’ll know immediately.)

Right, that’s it for tonight, as I’m really feeling like cr*p. I am more than aware that I’ve failed to live up to my usual standards but, frankly, it’s not bad considering how ill I am. Do you have man-flu in the States, by the way?


Sher said...

Yes, we have man-flu and they all whine when they have it as well.

I knew the GG thing would unravel after this episode. You can't do that stuff so early on in the game, it creates awkwardness (which it has done)and now you can't be bothered... (sigh)

Take something for your cold before the presentation. No sense adding embarrassment to the factor by having a snot ball moment at the podium... not a pleasant sight.

Feel better.

WDKY said...

Sher, I suspect that you're right on both counts (particularly with regard to the snot-ball, though - that would be really bad.). And thanks.

Parveneh said...

So does she want to have ONLY tantric sex? 'cause it seems like y'all were doing pretty well the regular ol' way just a few weekends ago.

Have you talked about maybe just having regular hot monkey lovin'? Why don't you try that first before giving up if you really like her.

I agree with Sher. Dope yourself up.

Good luck with the presentation and hope you feel better.

kimmyk said...

lol @ man flu.
men are so fussy when they're sick-load up on the drugs and give 'em your presentation. (antihistamines and cough suppresants)

that'll leave a lasting impression.
the whole screw up of last weekends non fuck fest-well....if it happens again i'd say that it's a big red flag.

k o w said...

We don't get sick over here we just feel worse than we already do.

NewYorkMoments said...

Hey--you're presentation will be great. Also, take some non-drowsy cold stuff.

Sorry about GG, but there's LOTS of pussy out there!

Blueprincesa said...

yeah I dunno... sounds like the two of you might not be gelling so much... interesting to hear about it though.

froggy said...

Did she have a large Sting collection? Women with Sting collections always need a map.

You didn't give her the flu did you?

WDKY said...

(My god - I can't speak!!! This should be amusing then...)

Parveneh - no, but she is generally i bit quirky... I did mention that she's obsessive in an earlier post. How do monkey's do it, by the way? I've just taken a sachet of Beecham's Cold & Flue With Hot Lemon.

Kimmy - Man-flu is the worst kind... you wouldn't know, of course, not being one. And what happened last weekend will definitely not happen again. believe me.

KOW - If I feel any worse than I already do they'll be performing an autopsy.

NYM - Yes. It will be great... it will be great... it will be...Oh, and thanks for the reality check ;-)

BP - Hi! Keep checking, because all will be revealed.

Undies - Hi to you too. I'll ask her. And I'll ask her.

J.a.G. said...

I hope it went well this morning, or maybe right now? And that the meds worked their magic.

WDKY said...

Just a Girl, it kicks off at 3.30 this afternoon... we've just done a complete run-through and seem in pretty good shape. Apart from my voice, which keeps disappearing to a croak.

Thank you for those kind thoughts!

Foxy said...

6 hours of the no-cum game?

Gee, I hope you gave her 6 hours of the fuck yes cum game...

j said...

i'll try to think happy thoughts for you in my dreams. off to bed.

good luck. hope you don't come off to pre pubescent sounding ;)

Networkchic said...

I'd say it's time to find a chick-a-dee that likes to play 'hop-scotch' rather than scrabble. At least you'd get a buzz. Take the cold meds...stoned is always better than germy!

zoozan said...

What I find cute is that you put asterix in naughty words when a few entries back you described how gg sat on your face

ladylongfellow said...

Man Flu...lol..what about the fall out that WE women have to deal with...when you men get your little man flu episodes...and the fact that when we get women flu...no one cares! Women don't have time to whine about a little flu! lol

Desiree said...

I can't believe my link got deleted! What did I do????

WDKY said...

Vixen, hi, and no - I went to sleep, and was far less motivated in the morning than I'd have needed to be to last 6 hours!

J - thank you, but please don't talk about coming off. Not whilst it's still such a sensitive subject.

NWC - what are you? (I did, by the way.)

Zoozan - as you know, I'm a conundrum. What can I say?

LL - if you come and mop my brow, I promise not to whine. Honestly.

Des - I'm so sorry, sweetheart... I changed templates and lost a few links in the process, but I'll put you back where you belong immediately.