Thursday, September 15, 2005

A poem.

A while ago, I was thinking about how it felt when I first struck out on my new life. It could have been so easy to become consumed with bitterness, but I knew I wouldn't let that happen. Just for a while though - when I was getting by on vodka and tranquilisers week after week, when I was unable to hold a conversation because I couldn't think straight enough to form a sentence - it was pretty bleak.

I was lucky, because I have some good friends. And I’m strong. But sometimes, I think there but for the grace of god…

And, of course, I have my children.

The Window

Edited for reasons I can't explain


Networkchic said...

I can relate. A child can make you see all that's right in the world, even when you've grown up believing nothing will ever be right again. Those little creatures truly are miracles.

zoozan said...

so many times my children have kept me from going under. And it doesn't change when they get older. That innocent sweetness you describe may be gone but the deep love you've created is always there, like a safety net

WDKY said...

You both get it, I can see. It seems selfish to draw such strength from them, but if they only understood they'd be so proud of themselves!!