Friday, January 06, 2006


I have a headache tonight, and so am just going to use my post to send some messages to various people. You’ll have to forgive me – I promise to do better next time.

To C – can’t wait to eat see you tomorrow. Don’t worry, leave the arrangements to me (bless…).

To Zooz – sorry if I was a bit brusque. I can’t even blame it on PMT (okay PMS).

To Mystery Blogger – so that’s what you sound like :-)

To J’s G – your comments aren’t working, and I think you need to set your blog to accept all comments (including anonymous) and take off word verification. I was trying to say that you’re using a Typepad adaptation that would be a nightmare to convert to three-column. Also you need to resize the banner image to 760x200 and set the width of your profile picture to around 150.

To everyone – sorry, but it looks like Videocode.ORG is down which is why the music isn’t working. It was/is a track from one of my fav’s though (Tricky).

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets up to as much mischief as humanly possible. I know I will ;-)


K.D. Morgan said...

Hope the headache passes soon. Enjoy your weekend.

crazylittlekitty/Emerald said...

hey handsome!
I hope your feeling better!

Maybe a little foot rub will do ya? A temple rub???
Hang in, and see ya on the other side!!! xoxxx

Blondie said...

Sorry your head aches. I am ever excited about your date!! Woohoo!!

zoozan said...

I love you, you know that

Get some rest, I have a very good feeling about your date tomorrow

kaliblue said...

Have a great weekend & hope ya feel better :-)

FireCracker said...

Have fun on your date with C - it may just help get rid of that headache! ;)

Susie said...

I visited your blog on HNT, but I couldnt figure out how to leave a comment! Too sophisticated for moi! This is cool music your blog is playing too! Happy belated HNT!

Scarlet Pussy said...

Get into mischief?

haha, always!

hope your head feels better soon

wdky said...

KD many thanks. You too.

Em - was that an offer?

Ruthie that's so sweet. I'm excited too.

Zooz, ditto. And thanks.

Kali, thank you for stopping by to comment. Hope you have a great weekend too.

FC I think it just might :-)

Susie I'm sorry! Thank you for sticking with it, though!

Scarlet - my kind of woman. And thanks.

Serendipity said...

hey! I've been wondering for a while why the link to you on my blog didn't work. NOw I know - the URL changed. I got back here through your little 'discussion' with FJL...

Have a great date!

wdky said...

Thanks, Serendipity ;-)

NML said...

I hope you have a fab date tonight! I'm giggling at Serendipity's comment!