Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Random thoughts 13

Well, my new career has started, officially, and it’s… well, quiet. At least for now, as I’m waiting for a post-holiday meeting to pin down the job that’s being proposed for this and next month. And I’m about to do something for M today (just in case you’re reading – I’ve been finishing off my work for the ex-employer, so excuse the short delay) and tidy up some of the documents that I’ve been putting together for future use. All in all, a nice situation to be in, but here’s to my first fee account of the year!

Yesterday, I spoke to C on the telephone, and I have to admit that she seemed rather pleased that I’d suggested our dinner date. I’m going to just take things as they come, without too much expectation or assumption, but at least I’ve acted on the feelings that had been simmering for so long. At the same time, I cleared things up with Cute Lawyer – in fact, I was very honest about what was going on, and she was very appreciative of that, saying some lovely things by way of goodbye. A moral there, of course, although I made a decision a long time ago that I’m always going to be scrupulously honest with anyone that I may be seeing.

So, that’s it really… HNT tomorrow, and for now just another little poem from Rumi. It’s called “I Swear”.

I swear, since seeing your face,
the whole world is fraud and fantasy.
The garden is bewildered as to what is leaf
or blossom. The distracted birds
can’t distinguish the birdseed from the snare.

A house of love with no limits,
a presence more beautiful than Venus or the moon,
a beauty whose image fills the mirror of the heart.


j said...

honesty seems to win in the end. you come out better for it, at least in your own heart and mind if it goes pear shaped.

fingers crossed for an account with a rather large fee attached !

emerald eyes said...

I am a huge fan of poems that are short yet with intense Haiku.
I am starting to really appreciate Rumi because of you, and that's kind of cool!
So, with this new fee, you'll be able to fly me to England then????


New York Moments said...

Oh my've got a video too? These f'ing things always crash my PC. Blah.

So excited for you about the new business :-)

wdky said...

Thanks J, and yes - I agree with you.

Em... that's great. And who knows ;-)

NYM, you're too sweet, and I know you mean it.

zoozan said...

good, good, good

Blondie said...

So glad to hear about all this. Honesty is a quality that is always appreciated. As for the work... That is awesome T! I'm glad to hear things have started out smoothly.
About C, I'm glad you took the chance. No matter what pans out, you've done something I never could do... Take that leap.

I love Rumi thanks to you!

networkchic said...

I love that poem and the music. I'm glad you added music to your blog, it seems to shine a bit more light on the person you are. Music can do that you know?

As for that being honest with the people you are seeing, that's a hard task but you seem to be man enough to accomplish it. You are a gem my dear.

Caterpillar said...

I love this song, I downloaded it right after I watched the movie!

And the poem is just gorgeous, so perfect and peaceful and otherworldly. And lovely.

I'm so thankful that you introduced me to Rumi!

K.D. Morgan said...

Good luck with both your business and personal ventures. Following your heart is never wrong.

nukie310 said...

I'm confused is the "cute lawyer" the same as "C" or "M"....
I think I need more initials to keep all of your women straight.

sky said...

No matter how hard it is to be honest with someone because you are afraid of hurting them, it is best in the long run for everyone. My personal opinion, is honesty helps me move on faster. You are a good man for being honest. Don't ever change!

Honeysmack said...

I wish someone anyone would write that about me.

When are you coming to Australia so I can devour you lol.

wdky said...

Zooz - yep.

Ruthie, I'm glad too. Rumi's brill.

NWC, I'm going to be very selective with my music. You're a gem too, by the way.

Cat, it's a lovely poem and a lovely song. If I brought you a bit of tranquility I', very happy.

KD - thank you, and I agree (I think). We'll see on this occasion, anyway.

Nukie, now pay attention. M is a guy I know through business, Cute Lawyer is the girl I was seeing, and C is the girl I have a date with on Saturday. Oh, and GG is the nutter. And BR was, well... BR. Better?

Sky, honesty really is important, especially when things start to get a bit complicated. It can be very confusing otherwise :-)

Honey, if only life were that simple!

NML said...

I am so impressed with you. Working for yourself, having that freedom must be exhilerating! Have fab date x

check said...

I can't hear anything!! I tried clicking on play... nada!
It would take a guy like you to be that honest, everyone can't manage.. It's really good that you can T..
And I HAVE to get some more of his works.. tell me some names?