Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tagged by Hammy

4 Jobs I have had
  1. Barman (actually, there's a really shocking animal sex story I could tell you. Gross.)
  2. Photographer (those were the days. I almost made it too.)
  3. Store manager (took it past the £1m. Once accidentally pooped in the window.)
  4. Consultant (trust me, I’m a doctor. Actually, of the management kind.)

4 Places I have lived
  1. London (many different areas, and still do. Ish.)
  2. Ipswich (loved it. Oh, and I got engaged there)
  3. Norwich (shacked up with two gay lovers but didn’t join in. Not even once.)
  4. Various digs, far too seedy to mention (really. The stories I could tell.)

4 TV Shows I like
  1. Battlestar Galactica (brilliant, outstanding, wonderful.)
  2. X-Files (come back please… I think I love you.)
  3. The Office (ditto. Please don’t think I mean the US version.)
  4. Buffy (phwoar. And also because I was sent a very funny joke about it yesterday.)

4 Places I have Gone To On Vacation
  1. New York City (almost moved there permanently.)
  2. Aquadulce, Spain (had an apartment there.)
  3. Somewhere or other in Portugal (made a bit of a change.)
  4. Llarn, Wales (included because I lost my virginity in a tent there.)

4 Web Sites I Visit Daily
  4. My company’s website (well, I can’t exactly post the URL, can I?)

4 Favourite Foods
  1. Macaroni cheese (I blame Mum for that.)
  2. Lamb shank (I fucking love it.)
  3. Sausages and mash (with onion gravy, preferably. HAVE to have it if it’s on the menu.)
  4. The kebabs you get next to the Tottenham stadium

4 Places I would Like to be Right Now
  1. In Halle Berry’s mouth (did I say that?)
  2. Sandwiched between Kylie and Danni Minogue (Halle’s welcome too!)
  3. Anywhere without an Internet connection or a mobile phone signal
  4. Back in bed. Who’s coming?

4 People I don't Like
  1. George Bush (representing politicians everywhere.)
  2. Osama and all related cohorts
  3. My sister's 4th husband (remember him?)
  4. Bigots, homophobes and (most) Arsenal supporters
Now, I won't tag anyone but feel free to continue this on your own blog or in the comments - just tell me if you do it on your blog so I can make sure I read it.


kimmyk said...

Sounds like you've lived a good life WDKY.

Seedy, saucy, sassy.....mmhmm.

Mary said...

I agree with Kimmy. And I love the picture. Now why are you keeping pictures of sheep. ;)

Blondie said...

Wow, you've done a lot in your life. BTW, I love lamb shank with mashed rosemary & roasted garlic sweet potatoes...(I don't know what y'all call them) And I can't stand bigots. bleh

I hope your day is going great!!


positronic said...

Now, when you say Battlestar Galactica, do you mean the original or the remake? I recently got hooked on the new series. Damn fine show. It helped me convert a lot of geeks into sci-fi geeks. (There is a sci-fi geek in all of us) Do you happen to know where I can get good bangers and mash in Cyprus? (except the one I make when I get off me lazy arse) I am recently starting to hate people with lateral intellectual growth. A fooker I was talking to last night learns what my friend did for a living, has a PhD in Genetics, and goes 'Couldn't you have studied something useful? What the fuk is that good for!'. I hope he doesn't get cancer. He'd be learning what a geneticist is good for the hard way.

j said...

Interesting stuff.

Do you mean the old Battlestar or the new??

anu said...

Hi WDKY, i stumbled upon your blog through a chain of links. :) Your mom and dad are so pretty. They look really adorable.

Congratulations on crossing the 20,000 mark. I wish i were Kimberley, i would do anything for the gift ;-)lol

blueprincesa said...

I loved the X-Files too. Did you know that it was filmed in Vancouver?

wdky said...

Kimmy, it's been a full life. the ride is far from over though.

Mary, thanks for stopping to comment. Now, that IS a good question :-) (Aren't they cute, though?)

Ruthie, you're cooking me dinner! Can I sleep over... it's a long way home?

Pos - the new one. It's just the best sci-fi I've seen for years. Or maybe ever.

J, see above. Thanks for being interested.

Anu... I'm SO pleased you stopped by. I've left a comment on your blog, and hope you visit again. And again.

wdky said...

Blue, I did know, as it happens. For a while, I lived and breathed it. It was near-perfect at times.

unforgiving bitch said...

You're a very interesting man indeed....

And about joining you in bed...I've been knocking on your door for the past half-hour and you won't let me in....

Meet me on the trampoline....we could have some fun! ;-)

nukie310 said...

Are "Bloaters" another term for sausages? or am I thinking of something else?

wdky said...

UB, I'm taking that as a very nice compliment indeed! See you on the trampoline.

Nukie, bloaters are a kind of fish - the herring family, actually. of course, the reason you thought of bloaters when I mentioned sausages is quite easy to understand. Errr...

hamrose said...

Did you say accidentally pooped in a window??? LOL As in "Pooped, Pooped"??
Or is this another one of those "Queen's English Words"?

wdky said...

Hammy, I meant pooped in the pooped sense of the word. It's a short but very embarrassing story.

lee ann said...

I like #4 on the 4 places you would like to be.

wdky said...

Lee Ann, are you toying with me? you know JUST what I think about you ;-)

anu said...

So am i :) wdky...glad that i stopped by too.

Darkneuro said...

Random ramblings looking over your list.....
barmen get the best jokes.
and why did you quit being a photographer?
London...SIGH... I've never been and miss it horribly if that makes sense.
Lamb. lamb lamb lamb lamb... Dig rosemary encrusted leg o'. MMmmmmm.
I'll join you in bed :)
Politics...Yes, we all hate politicians. I love the fact that they try so hard to be 'everyman' and end up being 'nowhere man' ;)

neato! I may. That's all I'll commit to. MAY. as in Maybe. :D

zoozan said...


7 - 0

hhhmmmmm, wonder what tottenham's score was

mez said...

how *anyone* could like the American version of The Office is completely beyond me!

Ahh, are you Brits really that fascinated with the Minogues?

wdky said...

Dark... go on. You know you want to.

Zooz - I refuse to discuss this matter. But Arsenal were lucky.

Mez, I agree. As for the Minogues, I suspect you need to be a man. Trust me, it would make a fine sandwich.

NML said...

I love the Halle Berry line! You're so naughty!

Serendipity said...


I might have to do this on my blog

k o w said...

"Sandwiched between Kylie and Danni Minogue"... get in line mate, it starts back there *points*

networkchic said...

Oh I can't belive you like Buffy...actually I watched for her British vamp guy Spike. I'm a sucker for men with accents.

I've missed you.