Monday, March 06, 2006

And so...

Another week begins. Lots to do, and probably not quite enough time to do it in, but that just seems to be one of life's challenges, always. We live in busy times.

The weekend was a good one... dinner with Cute Lawyer was fun, and the restaurant, and it's ambience, wove its magic. She said she'd never experienced a dinner like it, and probably never would again, and she seems to feel that we have... something. Time will tell - I'm not sure that I'm motivated at this point in time, but it's easy to get swept along on the tide of the moment.

Sunday started with a run in the cold sun, breath burning in my chest and muscles aching. The afternoon was one of fever-pitch excitement, as I watched my boys secure a valuable win that makes Eurpoean competition next season more of a reality. And then the children arrived in the evening, O looking radient as ever and S grinning self-conciously, hands clasped behind his back. It transpired that he had a present for me, a present that I'm sipping my coffee from as I type this post.

Yes, definitely a good weekend.

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