Friday, March 10, 2006

Anonymous my arse

Oh god... (holds head in hands). My intention for this blog was always that it would be anonymous, and anyone who's been reading for a while will appreciate that there are some pretty good reasons why it should be. I am prone to wandering off down a sexual theme at times, and I've always thought it best that I keep this little bit of cyberspace to myself. And it has to be said that I've posted my fair share of flesh, of course. All in all, it's quite revealing in here.

You may recall a post from back in February, when I said
"And I have a rather nice plan for next Saturday evening, involving my guest from the night of the burglary, which I'm looking forward to. She's desperately trying to find my blog, but hasn't discovered Google Blog Search as yet, and I think I might just keep that one to myself for now!"”
Well, guess what???? (Morning, J!)

But wait -– it gets worse. Last night, I had the pleasure of a couple of very beautiful women for dinner (no, not the type of "dinner"” I mentioned a week or two ago). We go back a long way, but hadn'’t seen each other for quite a while, and so deliberately met in a pub with a certain nostalgic value, and where the vodka & tonics are "house doubles"” - some completely unknown and rather rough vodka that's two for the price of one compared to Smirnoff or any kind of normal brand. Well, we had a great night, and the double vodkas did their work with frightening efficiency. Not only have we now made plans for a long weekend in Marbella together at the end of May, but for some reason that I can't begin to fathom I also gave them my blog address.

(Morning, C and N!)

So, let's see... that'’s Zooz, Ginny, M, J, C and N, all from my "real" world and all likely to pop in here at any time. Anonymous? Yeah, right... but I will carry on precisely as before. And just ask those that know me to do one thing... respect the fact that I want to keep this tiny little part of my life something of a secret. As much of a secret as it can be, at any rate. Knowing the people that I've referred to, I don't think it'll be a problem, but please... if you get the urge to "share" - don't. Thanks.

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