Wednesday, March 01, 2006

That's better!

Right… where was I?

Oh yes. As I got myself onto the subject of sex (again) I thought I’d expound on my views… just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. In fact, I was posting a comment on another blog and this subject came up, and afterwards I decided to offer something of an explanation for what might appear at times to be this slightly convoluted sex life of mine.

For me, it’s important that I feel a connection with someone if I’m intending to sleep with her. I’ve learnt that I don’t “do” casual sex, in as much as the act itself is anything but casual… it’s intense, and intimate, and demands more of me than a casual encounter could provide. So, whilst NML made me grin a while ago by saying I see “more arse than a toilet seat”, the truth is that I’m anything but promiscuous. Within the context of a relationship, I’m also entirely monogamous.

I haven’t hid, or even attempted to hide, the fact that I have one or two friends with whom I have a relationship that’s somewhat more than platonic. These are simply women who I know well, and we have a very real liking, respect and trust for each other. We’re entirely open about what “it” means, and only ever venture there if neither of us is involved with anybody else in a romantic sense. Now, it might be that some people have a view about this, or consider it somehow wrong. That’s absolutely fine – no-one is obliged to share my views – but I live my life according to my own moral code, not anyone else’s. And I’m happy with that.

My sister “H” is coming over for dinner tonight, a different kind of dinner to yesterday’s I hasten to add(!) and it’s the first time she will have seen my house. I alluded to a bit of family drama a while back, but she and I have managed to get past whatever obstacles were preventing us from reconciling, and I’m really glad. We’ll eat, drink, talk and no doubt get a little stoned. As I’ve got older, I’ve learned more to appreciate the value of family, although my own past in that sense was far from straightforward. I’m beginning to think that everybody’s was.

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